Digitizing and
Approving Formalities

We assume responsibility for your compliance formalities!

What does that mean to you as a financial institution?

  • Your customer advisors no longer have to deal with formality issues and can now focus on advice and sales again.
  • Downstream verification processes are no longer required. This increases customer satisfaction and lowers costs.
  • A standardized and digitalized process across all sales channels accelerates on-boarding and opens up new sales opportunities.
  • The individually configurable, modular design of the Finform application ensures easy integration into your existing IT infrastructure.
Our solutions

We put together a custom solution for all of your sales channels

Our solutions are modularly designed, allowing use of the application in all sales channels, rapid adaptation to new regulatory requirements and technical developments and uncomplicated custom configuration. The solutions are organized by sales channel:

finform.video® and

Digital account opening: quick, easy, secure

finform.video and finform.online

  • Enable you to complete the entire account opening process digitally via smartphone, tablet, web or terminal.
  • Complete the formality checks.
  • Provide for easy and convenient implementation.
  • Allow you to start operating customized white-label solutions within 30 days.

Guided, verified account opening at the front desk/counter


  • Digitizes the account opening process at the front desk.
  • Leads and guides the employee through the jungle of forms.
  • Checks and confirms the correctness of the formalities.
  • Allows real-time support from specialists.

Quick and easy handling of regular and special account opening cases for natural persons and businesses. The technical basis is a web application that executes automated checks while allowing direct support by Finform specialist teams. The support services provided by our specialists ensures efficient and rapid resolution of even the most exceptional cases, which using today’s technology would generate excessive cost for you.

Follow-up checking is a thing of the past. This innovative process change allows substantial streamlining of processes and standardization and automation of work-intensive compliance steps.


Utilize the post office branch network to complete formalities


  • Allows banks to utilize some 1,000 offices of Post CH AG.
  • Allows digital processing of account opening formalities at the post office counter.
  • Secures transmission of data verified by Finform flows from the post office branch into your systems.

finform.desk@post goes much further than the “”Yellow Identification” process which has been in use. A “”KYC package”” is employed which contains the ID data, the necessary recorded formalities and the verification of these. In addition, the data are sent to you electronically, eliminating the need for follow-up checking.

The entire account opening process can be completed for basic products.