finID: real-time, seamless, continuous

With finID, the identification check in the self-onboarding process is unrivalled in its smoothness – for you and your customers.

What makes finID unique

Our core product finID enables simple identification verification during the self-onboarding process in real time and with a certified signature – at any time, seamlessly and for ID documents from over 85 countries.

The necessary process steps are seamlessly integrated into your app or website for an uninterrupted customer experience.

Customers can go through the entire process – even outside Compliance Team working hours – and can still sign their certified documents up to five days later.

finID is available as a stand-alone solution, in combination with our other modules or integrated into our complete self-onboarding package.

Your advantages
with finID

  • User can go through the identification process at any time (24/7)
  • Agent review by qualified compliance officers in max. 3 minutes – data correction and add-ons in accordance with the requirements of the financial institution
  • Subsequent qualified signing of the ID copy valid for up to 5 days
  • Included signing of any other documents such as contracts and credit card applications
  • Signing does not require an additional password
  • 99.4% accuracy rate in face recognition (AI assessment better than a human)
  • Automated real-time check of identity documents from over 85 countries

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